The North East Recorder Orchestra


New players are always welcome. No auditions are required, but the orchestra is not be suitable for beginners. Potential members should be about grade 6 standard or higher (although this is indicative rather than prescriptive).

At the moment  we have vacancies for Tenors, Basses, Great Basses and Contrabasses, with a waiting list for Descants and Trebles.

If you are in any doubt please come along to one of the rehearsals and see how you get on.  
All the music is provided,  but please bring a music stand along with your recorders.
 Members of the orchestra will be assigned to a particular instrumental section (e.g. tenor 1) and will generally remain there over the year (although some movement between sections is inevitable, and indeed desirable, in the long run).

Music Folders: All the music required for the year for a particular part is available in a folder from September onwards. Members may take the folders home on payment of a deposit of £5.

Annual subscriptions (due in October): £30(/£12 students and those on low incomes).

Individual meeting fee £4/£2 (for those for whom the yearly fee is not appropriate).

              For further information contact:

Susan McGregor Secretary 0191 2510412 e-mail
John Hawkes Musical Director 01661 822909 e-mail